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Collaborative Gallery

Our collaborative gallery contains examples of the combination of ceramics and wood with metal in an exploration of the expressive harmonies (and incompatibilities) of these diverse media. Finding the right balance between the plasticity of Carolís ceramic sculpture and Alfredís subtractive wood techniques was both challenging and enthralling. It requires pushing the boundaries of both media, introducing and inventing new techniques, and even using other materials when the construction and artistic techniques require them. We will be putting our new pieces and series on the site as we complete them. We hope you will check back frequently and be challenged by them.

Let Reason Ring Series

The year 2009 is the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Darwin and the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of his publication of The Origin of the Species. This seminal work introduced reason into our thinking about life on this planet and into our exploration of our own origins, both individually and as a species. It introduced science into the conversation on the origin of life and began the process that led to our understanding of genetic structure, mutation, and of DNA itself. The structure of the double helix and the understanding of its tendency to change has enhanced our understanding of evolution and led to the mapping of the human genome and those of other species. We have used the totem form in this series because it lets us tell the story in a unique and traditional way. Click here to go to gallery.


























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